As the summer approaches, many of us dream of lounging by the pool. But before you can accomplish that, you’ll need to be aware of the pool decking cost and the many possibilities for building a pool deck. We at EverJade have all the solutions to get your pool party going.

Options for pool decking materials and pool decking cost.

Understanding the numerous alternatives and the expenses involved is crucial when choosing a pool decking material. Each pool decking material has certain benefits and prices.

Wood decking is a popular choice because it gives a warm and natural appearance but needs to be maintained often to avoid rot and deterioration. WPC decking is an additional choice since it combines the beauty of wood with the dependability and low-maintenance advantages of plastic polymers.

Compared to conventional wood, this form of decking is more resistant to dampness and insects. Because of its affordability, adaptability, and durability, concrete decking is also widely used. To replicate the look of stone, tile, or other materials, it can be stamped or stained.

Another choice for pool decking is pavers, which come in a variety of designs, hues, and materials including brick, concrete, or natural stone. Although they offer a non-slip surface, their installation prices may be greater than those of other solutions.

Finally, real stone, like travertine or flagstone, gives off a posh and classic appearance but may be expensive to install and maintain.

pool decking cost

Comparison of the costs of several pool deck materials.

Considerations like installation, upkeep, and durability are crucial when evaluating the pool decking cost of various materials. Each pool decking material has a distinct pricing profile as well as different installation, upkeep, and durability requirements.

For instance, wood decking could be reasonably priced initially, but continuing care costs, such as staining and sealing, can build up over time. WPC decking, in comparison, often costs more up front but requires less upkeep over time, making it more economical. It is also strong and resistant to rot, insects, and wetness.

Another inexpensive alternative is concrete decking, which also has cheap installation and upkeep expenses. It might not, however, have the same visual appeal as anything made of natural materials, such wood or stone.

As opposed to other choices, pavers and natural stone materials like travertine or flagstone offer a posh appearance but can be more expensive to install and maintain.

The advantages of choosing WPC for pool decking.

WPC pool decking has a number of advantages, such as reduced maintenance requirements, toughness, slip resistance, heat retention, and environmental friendliness.However, its benefits make it an investment that is justified for making a lovely and secure pool area.

As opposed to traditional wood products, WPC decking is minimal maintenance and doesn’t need to be sanded, stained, or painted. WPC decking’s increased durability, which resists moisture, insects, and rot, is another advantage. This makes it a great solution for pool areas that are exposed to moisture and bad weather.

Additionally, WPC decking offers a surface that is slip-resistant, assuring safety around the pool. In comparison to other materials, it also absorbs less heat, making it more comfortable to walk on during sweltering summer days.

WPC decking is also an environmentally beneficial choice because it uses recycled materials and lessens the need to gather new wood. For homeowners who care about the environment, this may be a crucial consideration.

Guidelines for lowering pool deck building expenses.

There are several strategies to lower the overall cost of building a pool deck. You may save labour costs by doing the task yourself as one option. However, it is important to get expert installation help if you are unsure of your DIY abilities. Before choosing a certain material or contractor, check pricing and materials from many providers. This aids in obtaining the greatest price and ensuring that the pool decking job will be completed with quality work.

In general, pool decking may be an appealing and cheap addition to your summertime activities. With a variety of WPC decking options available from EverJade, we can accommodate any budget or aesthetic desire. Our educated staff is prepared to provide you all the information you want to build a durable pool deck. For more details about pool decking cost and construction, get in touch with us right away!


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