An eco-friendly deck could be the solution to your search for a guilt-free way to spend time in nature. EverJade WPC decking is one of the greatest solutions available due to its low environmental effect and long service life. The high-quality WPC tiles and plastic pedestals allow you to design an area outside that is both long-lasting and environmentally beneficial.

Pick eco-friendly decking materials like WPC.

To build a deck that is good for the environment and lasts for many years, consider using wood-plastic composite (WPC) boards. This sustainable alternative is made from a blend of plastic and recycled wood fibres, which helps cut down on trash while simultaneously conserving valuable resources. WPC decking is long-lasting and low-maintenance, outliving their wooden counterparts by several years. Due to their lifespan, fewer replacements will be needed over time, further lowering their effect on the environment.

WPC’s resistance to rot, insects, and weathering means your outdoor living space will look great and last for years without the need for dangerous chemical treatments.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, you can boost your deck’s green credentials by adding eco-friendly amenities like solar-powered lighting or planting with native plants.

eco-friendly deck

Consider solar-powered lights into your design.

Integrating components that decrease energy consumption and encourage sustainability is necessary to build an eco-friendly deck that you can enjoy for years to come. Utilising solar-powered lights in your deck design is one efficient way to take use of natural light. In addition to reducing electricity use, these energy-efficient lighting alternatives also do away with the need for complicated wiring, making installation quick and easy. Furthermore, solar lights come in a range of forms and styles, letting you alter the atmosphere of your outdoor living area.

Besides the solar lighting, think about utilising additional eco-friendly materials to build your deck, including wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking or salvaged wood, to further boost your deck’s environmental credentials.

Another concept is to surround your deck with native plants and vegetation, which will offer shade and natural beauty while assisting regional ecosystems.

Make use of eco-friendly deck and recycled-material furnishings.

You should choose the sustainable decking materials, but you must also outfit your outdoor area with eco-friendly options if you want to enjoy your deck for years to come. Reduce waste and encourage resource conservation by choosing furniture manufactured from recycled materials like recovered wood or recycled plastic.

Also, think about switching to eco-friendly materials for pillows, umbrellas, and other decorative accents. Natural fibres, organic materials, and recycled materials are commonly used to create these fabrics.

Enhance the eco-friendliness of your deck by include not just eco-friendly furniture and materials, but also solar-powered lights and native plant landscaping.

To improve air flow and enhance the aesthetics of your deck, consider installing a living wall.

Building a deck that is good for the environment and lasts for years requires creative and sustainable design. You may improve airflow and the aesthetic appeal of your deck by installing a living wall. Plants and other greenery is growing in layers along a vertical wall to create a living wall, also known as a vertical garden. This one-of-a-kind feature not only filters out harmful airborne particles but also serves as an eye-catching design feature.

Your deck can stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thanks to the living walls’ ability to moderate temperature. This natural insulation lowers heating and cooling costs and makes outdoor rooms more inviting.

Incorporate eco-friendly lighting and furniture alternatives, and think about using sustainable decking materials like wood-plastic composite (WPC) in addition to a living wall.

The WPC decking, tiles, and pedestals offered by EverJade will allow you to design a long-lasting and environmentally friendly outdoor area. Beautiful and long-lasting, your sustainable oasis will have a low ecological footprint and last for long time. Get in touch with EverJade right away to arrange for the construction of your ideal eco-friendly deck.


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