Are you looking for WPC tiles China? EverJade is the expert you have been searching for! As one of the leading WPC tiles factories in China, we specialize in high-quality tiles, tiles, and other related products. We are dedicated to offering customers quality products that will transform outdoor areas into stylish and functional spaces. But what is WPC tiles? Let’s find out!

What is WPC tiles, and why is it so commonly used for outdoor spaces?

Wood-plastic composite tiles, or WPC tiles for short, is a common material for outdoor spaces because of the special combination of real wood fibres and tough plastic. This novel mixture retains the classic look of wood tiles while offering superior protection against the elements.

The low-upkeep aspect of WPC tiles is one of its primary selling points for use in outdoor settings. WPC tiles may be left untreated for many years without the need for costly and time-consuming staining, sealing, or painting.

WPC tiles also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Recycled materials are used in many wood-plastic composites, making for a more eco-friendly building process.

In addition, the lack of sharp edges and the absence of splinters make WPC tiles a great option for households with children and pets.

Last but not least, WPC tiles comes in a broad variety of colors, textures, and designs to accommodate personal tastes and coordinate with existing outdoor decor.

WPC tiles China

Advice on how to care for your WPC tiles as time goes on.

If you follow these easy care steps, your WPC tiles will last for many years and look as good as new. Sweep the deck on a regular basis to eliminate dirt, leaves, and debris that can promote the formation of mould and mildew.

After heavy precipitation or snowfall, clean the tiles with a light hose spray or a soft-bristle brush. In order to protect the WPC material, you should not use a pressure washer.

The afflicted area should be cleaned immediately with a moderate detergent and water mixture, and then rinsed thoroughly. This preventative measure lessens the likelihood of permanent discoloration and stains.

Keep the space between the boards clear of trash and make sure there is enough room for water to drain away from the underside of your WPC deck.

Use furniture pads under chairs, tables, and other heavy things to prevent damage to the deck’s surface from scratches and dents. You should also refrain from dragging anything around the deck, since this can lead to premature deterioration.

By adhering to these simple upkeep guidelines, you can ensure that your WPC tiles will continue to look great and fulfil its intended purpose for many years to come.

Why would you select EverJade when you research WPC tiles China?

When you choose EverJade as your WPC tiles supplier, you can rest certain that you’ll have access to high-quality and dependable goods. Everjade is one of China’s most reputable and established WPC tiles manufacturers. WPC tiles, WPC tiles, and plastic pedestals are just a few of the many outdoor products that EverJade manufactures and sells.

Additionally, clients may discover the perfect solution for our outdoor areas thanks to EverJade’s large product range, which caters to a wide variety of design preferences and installation needs. Customers who choose EverJade’s WPC tiles products may be certain that they will receive excellent service.

All things considered, if you’re looking for WPC tiles, EverJade is a great company to work with since they provide durable, high-quality materials, a wide variety of aesthetic options, and helpful service.

Where do I even begin with placing an order with EverJade?

Putting in your first purchase with EverJade couldn’t be simpler. To view our complete selection of WPC tiles options, please visit our online store. After deciding on a product, customers may contact service department to place an order or ask questions.

The WPC tiles goods may also be inspected in person at our facility in China. If you have any need with the setup or upkeep, our staff will pleased to assist you. Once your purchase is verified, EverJade ensure that the WPC tiles supplies arrive when and where you need them.
You can rest assured that your shopping experience will be pleasant when you wholesale WPC tiles China from EverJade.


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